A Tale of
Resilience and Vision

Legacy of

In the heart of Sydney, nestled amidst the bustling lanes of Chinatown, stands a testament to passion, perseverance, and culinary excellence: the Royal Group. Its inception is a story that begins with the indomitable spirit of Miss Sun.

More than five years ago, Miss Sun embarked on a culinary journey with the establishment of Royal Pavilion. Infused with her love for traditional Chinese cuisine and her drive for perfection, the restaurant quickly became a beacon of gourmet delight. Through her dedication and unyielding commitment, Royal Pavilion not only weathered the storm of Covid but emerged even more radiant, proving that true quality and resilience always prevail.

But Miss Sun’s vision was not confined to just one establishment. Recognizing the growing demand for the distinctive blend of authenticity and luxury her restaurant offered, she saw an opportunity amidst adversity. It was her belief that more people deserved to experience the culinary wonders and exceptional service that had become the hallmark of Royal Pavilion. And so, with faith in her heart and a legacy to build, she ventured into a new horizon.


In August 2023, the vibrant streets of Sydney’s Chinatown welcomed a new jewel, the Royal Palace. Under the careful guidance of William and with the blessings and expertise of Miss Sun, the restaurant became an instant sensation. While Royal Pavilion catered to those seeking intimate, upscale experiences, Royal Palace reached out to a broader audience, yet maintained the exquisite quality and charm that the Royal name promised.

Today, the Royal Group stands tall with its two gems, Royal Pavilion and Royal Palace, each catering to its unique clientele but bound by the shared ethos of culinary authenticity, impeccable service, and a love for tradition. Through the journey from a single restaurant’s success against odds to the establishment of a culinary dynasty, the Royal Group epitomizes the spirit of dreaming big, taking risks, and carving a niche in the hearts of patrons, one dish at a time.

Cultural Fusion

Royal Dining Group values the convergence of culinary traditions from China with the vibrant spirit of the Western world, emphasizing the richness of cultural diversity and cross-cultural experiences

Celebration of Life

The brand values the idea that every meal is a cherished celebration, focusing on creating moments of joy, connection, and shared experiences, whether with friends and family or during solo dining adventures.

Authenticity and Tradition

Royal Dining Group is committed to serving authentic Chinese cuisine with care and respect for tradition, offering an elevated dining experience that allows guests to taste the past, savour the present, and anticipate the future.

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Welcome to the career session of Royal Dining Group. Our legacy is built upon the passion and dedication of our team. If you share a love for the culinary arts, commitment to excellence, and a desire to provide unforgettable dining experiences, then you might just be the missing ingredient in our recipe for success. Dive into a world of gastronomic delights and professional growth. Explore our open positions and apply today to be a part of our esteemed family. Let’s cook up success together!


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